PRESUS® (Pharmacy Real-time Support System)

Changing the future of pharmacies
PRESUS®, a support system for dispensing pharmacies.

What is PRESUS®?

PRESUS® is a system that supports dispensing pharmacy operations in real time.
More specifically, it combines two elements: systems for supporting the operations of dispensing pharmacies and information systems covering the automatic ordering of drugs, the medical history of patients, the calculation of compensation for drugs, etc. In addition, the MEDIPAL Group has its eye on the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, from drug manufacturing companies to consumers.
PRESUS® is a system that has advantages, not only for pharmacies, but also for patients as well.
It helps to improve the quality of service that dispensing pharmacies can deliver to customers, by simplifying workflow, and reducing and preventing errors and out-of-stock. Improving efficiency in head offices and branches leads to higher profitability.
For patients, this means shorter waiting times, fewer mistakes, and greater safety and peace of mind in pharmacy services. Pharmacists have more time to interact with their patients, and can offer more-nuanced consultation services.

Effectiveness of PRESUS®

The use of PRESUS® has reduced out-of-stock incidents by one-fifth to 0.6%, cut prescription preparation time by 15%, reduced near-misses by 50%, shrinked time needed for orders, and lowered the need for emergency deliveries of medicines by 80% (for insurance dispensing pharmacy groups Yakuju Corp.).

Providing safe prescription services that offer peace of mind, contributing to the efficient operation of pharmacies, realizing benefits for patients