AR (Assist Representatives)

Toward new kinds of sales and marketing in pharmaceuticals distribution
ARs with high levels of specialist knowledge

MSs (marketing specialists) play a role in the pharmaceuticals wholesale industry that is unique to Japan.
These MSs visit medical institutions on a daily basis, forming strong ties with doctors and other healthcare professionals that form important avenues for two-way communication about pharmaceuticals.
So that this gathering and dissemination of information may evolve further, the MEDIPAL Group has been focusing efforts to ensure that MSs gain the knowledge they need concerning diseases, pharmaceuticals, and other remedies. As a result, we have about 2,000 MSs who have passed pharmaceutical companies' qualifying examinations to be MRs (medical representatives).
These qualified MSs and ARs (assist representatives) bring strong skill sets to their conversations with doctors and other medical care professionals, and provide plenty of information that can be of great help in dispensing medicines. In addition, they are on the front lines of our activities in new businesses, and they are adding new value in the distribution business.

Positoning of new sales
Positoning of new sales