Disaster Countermeasures

Being the "lifeline" of the nation is a big responsibility.
MEDIPAL's disaster countermeasures

It is no exaggeration to say that Japan is a nation that must live with the risk of natural disasters.
The MEDIPAL Group has taken a variety of measures to ensure the delivery.
We undertake to provide all kinds of products necessary for people's healthy lives--pharmaceutical products, daily necessities, etc.--and we have designed BCPs (business continuity plans) that "never go down," so that we can always provide reliably deliver required products at the required time in just the required amont.

(1) Making buildings resistant and seismic isolation structure

We are working to make our distribution centers and head office buildings more earthquake resistant and earthquake isolation, hoping to minimize the damage that earthquakes can do by causing products to fly off shelves, and the harm to the equipment itself.

Seismic isolation structure

Seismic isolation

earthquake isolation systems

(2) Installing in-house electric power generators

We have been installing in-house electric power generators in our key locations, including our head offices and distribution centers, so we can continue to provide reliable supply of pharmaceutical products and other products when disaster strikes.

In-house electric power generator

In-house electric power generator

(3) Duplicated host computer systems

To guard against loss or destruction of data when natural disasters strike, we have built in duplicates of our computer systems, backed up our data, made our host computer facilities earthquake-resistant, and added fire protection and uninterruptible power features, so that we can continue our businesses even in the event of natural disasters.

(4) Preparations of delivery methods during emergencies

Our distribution centers are equipped with motorcycles for emergency use, so that we can continue to operate even if public transportation and traffic networks are interrupted.
These proved to be a very valuable means of delivering pharmaceuticals during the Great East Japan Earthquake, when delivery using ordinary vehicles proved difficult.

Motorcycles for emergency use

Motorcycles for emergency use

(5) Installation of our own fuel facilities

Our key distribution centers are equipped with their own fuel stations, due to the difficulties we have experienced in the past getting fuel during earthquakes.

Installation of our own fuel facilities