Questions Regarding Business Results and Financial Matters

  • What types of results materials are available?

    The most recent financial statements are posted in "IR Library" and the content of results briefing materials in "Financial Results Presentations"

  • Where are business result trends posted?

    Information on business result trends is included in "Consolidated Accounts".

  • Where are consolidated financial indicators posted, such as Return On Equity(ROE), equity ratio, and net income per share?

    Consolidated financial indicators such as Return On Equity(ROE), equity ratio, and net income per share are included in "Consolidated Accounts".

  • What is MEDIPALʼs vision for the future?

    See the Medium-Term Management Plan.

Questions Regarding Stock

  • What is the securities code?

    The securities code for common stock is 7459.

  • How many shares are in a share unit?

    There are 100 shares per unit.

  • Does MEDIPAL have a shareholder special benefit plan?

    There is no such plan at the present time.

  • What is the shareholder confirmation record date for payment of dividends?

    The shareholder confirmation record date is March 31 for year-end dividends, and September 30 for interim dividends.

  • When was the most recent shareholdersʼ meeting held?

    The General Meeting of Shareholders was held at the Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel on June 27, 2023.

  • What is the contact for administrative procedures regarding stocks, such as name transfers or change of address?

    Contact your securities firm regarding administrative procedures for stocks. For deposits in special accounts, procedures can be conducted at branch locations of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited.

Questions Regarding the Company

  • When was the company established?

    MEDIPAL was established in May 1923.
    See the company history on the "Company History" page.

  • When did MEDIPAL become a listed company?

    Shares were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1995.
    See the company history on the "Company History" page.

  • What is the fiscal year?

    The fiscal year is April 1-March 31.