Sustainability Policy

The MEDIPAL Group conducts business operations based on its management philosophy of “Contributing to people's health and the advancement of society through creation of value in distribution”. Amid rising public interest in environmental problems and other issues, MEDIPAL formulated the Sustainability Policy to clearly state its stance for realizing a sustainable society and enhancing our corporate value.

Sustainability Policy

Connecting to the Future with Energy and Brightness

Under our management philosophy of “Contributing to people's health and the advancement of society through creation of value in distribution”, MEDIPAL Group will solve environmental and social issues together with various stakeholders.

We will create a future that is healthier and brighter for everyone.

We will strive to realize a sustainable society and enhance our corporate value.

Sustainability Promotion System

At the MEDIPAL Group, the CSR Committee promotes sustainability management and discusses policies and initiatives for managing sustainability across the Group, as well as important tasks such as medium-term sustainability targets. The result of those discussions is submitted to Board of Directors by the director in charge of CSR (the CSR Committee chairperson) for approval. Based on the sustainability policies decided at Board of Directors meetings, consolidated subsidiaries carry out initiatives led by the responsible departments, and report the specific measures and progress to the CSR Committee. The results of these initiatives are then reported to the Board of Directors on a regular basis (about twice a year) by the director in charge of CSR, helping to maintain a management system that enables appropriate supervision by the Board of Directors.

CSR Committee in FY2023

  • No. of meetings held: 9
  • Main discussion points
    • Formulate the Sustainability Policy
    • Review materiality and consider KPIs
    • Climate-related Information Disclosure Based on TCFD Recommendations
    • Monitor the status of progress across Group
    • Consider initiatives for decarbonization, diversity and inclusion
Sustainability Promotion System