PMS(Post-Marketing Surveillance)

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Contributing to Safety and Peace of Mind through PMS

Implementing Post-Marketing Surveillance (PMS) through the MEDIPAL Medical Institution Network

PMS is a form of investigative research that aims to ensure the quality, effectiveness, and safety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices after their launch into the market.

After pharmaceuticals have passed clinical trials and have been approved by the national medical authorities, they are marketed. However, clinical trials are conducted on only a relatively small number of patients, and the data they provide are limited. For this reason, after marketing begins, information and data on a larger number of patients are very important. The role of PMS is to promote the proper usage of pharmaceuticals by gathering such data and make it possible to know about new uses for pharmaceuticals and their possible side effects.

The MEDIPAL Group draws, to the maximum extent possible, on the relationships of trust it has built with medical institutions through its activities in distributing pharmaceuticals and on the professional knowledge of specialists to undertake a portion of PMS activities. These include the post-marketing research from pharmaceutical companies and research on usage results.

The MEDIPAL Group does not just deliver pharmaceuticals to medical institutions, but also extends its activities to new initiatives that include patients and PMS.

Implementing Post-Marketing Surveillance (PMS) through the MEDIPAL Medical Institution Network Flow of research on usage results

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