Supporting pharmaceuticals, health, and beauty through distributionSupporting pharmaceuticals, health, and beauty through distribution

MEDIPAL's business links manufacturers with medical institutions and retailers.

Business of MEDIPAL group Business of MEDIPAL group

For those of us in the wholesale business, the foundation of our business
is to safely deliver required products at the required time in just the
required amount supporting people's lives and lifestyles in both
ordinary and extraordinary times.

The MEDIPAL Group's network is expanding across the nation.

We have business locations across the country, so that we can do business in ways that are familiar anywhere.


Prescription Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business[216]

  • MEDICEO[133]
  • EVERLTH[21]
  • ATOL[38]
  • SPLine[1]
  • ASTEC[5]
  • MVC[1]
  • PharFeild[1]
  • MEDIE[1]
  • M.I.C.[1]
  • Medipal Insurance Service[1]

Cosmetics, Daily Necessities, and OTC Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business[42]

  • PALTAC[42]

Animal Health Products and Food Processing Raw Materials Wholesale and Related Business[40]

  • MP AGRO[29]

*As of March 31, 2022. Figures in square brackets[ ]represent the number of stores.
When multiple stores are located in the same building, each is counted separately.

*The figure for locations includes administration and distribution locations.

*Locations marked by a dot in each location indicate group company headquarters.

Network of MEDIPAL group Network of MEDIPAL group